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digital assettrust managementfund

digital asset trust management fund

We help private investors to profit in the most aggressive but most profitable conditions in the financial market.

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Automotizationtraders experiencesafety

Automotization traders experience safety

We have fully automated the company's activities - from asset management to the process of making operational decisions.


We use the best moment to enter the market, analyzing the signals and their significance, as well as increasing the probability of a correct forecast a little earlier than others.


We exclude the possibility of losses in excess of the planned amounts.

Risk management is carried out at all levels of the portfolio.

This gives a positive result even in the case of only 30% of positive transactions.

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How we ensurethe portfolio’sprofitability

How we ensure the portfolio’s profitability

We calculate the expected profitability just like an experienced architect creates a building project.


Creation of a trading strategies based on proven market patterns with clear signals.


Complex market analysis. Daily complex fundamental, technical & market measure analysis.


We minimize risks by means of reliable instruments. Risk management module. Using of market-neutral strategies.


Markovitz modern portfolio strategy allows us to calculate the most profitable distribution of assets.


Decrease of transactions volume in case of series of red deals. Increase of transaction volume in case of series of green deals.


After you contact the fund’s manager, it would take about half an hour to solve all the questions and complete the investment process.


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assets under managemant
8.243.000 USD

What guaranteesdoes the fundprovide?

What guarantees does the fund provide?

Public offer contract, possibility of dispute solving by Stockholm arbitration court.


We try to make our fund’s activity as transparent as possible for our investors, send reports and publish news about us.


We honestly notify our investors about all the risks of cryptocurrency investments and protect them from inappropriate use of funds.


We do everything possible to make each fund participant understand all the existing risks and take a concsious and well-though-out decision on investment

How can i trackthe activities

How can i track the activities

We send a detailed report on news and results of our fund, share price, and portfolio structure to our investors on the 1st day of each month. Besides, we are currently developing a new improved version of investor’s personal account which would allow to track the fund’s activity anytime you want.



70% of the profit is received by our investor. Profitable profit sharing

12 month

1 year Minimal investment term Long-term strategy


2% Аsset management
Fee minimal fee

10 000 USD

10000 USD Low entry minimal
Investment size

30 days

Permanent source of income. The ability to withdraw profits every month


5% Early exit fee
Lack of heavy fines

Our client   Says

Our client
  Alex Berton  
  Alex Berton  
  Nikita Semenov  
  Nikita Semenov  
  Andrew Thomson  
  Andrew Thomson  
  Alex Cooper  
  Alex Cooper  
  Michael Sheldon  
  Michael Sheldon  

I deal with supply issues and the organization of the work process at the metal fabrication plant. As a rule, I do not have time to invest, but there are financial opportunities for this. Starting to look at sites on trust investment on the Internet, I realized that I didn’t understand anything until I found the K&G Kapital website, where everything is clear enough and without unnecessary information that I don’t understand. To track my investments, there is a personal account. Everything is very convenient. Thanks!

From my own experience (not always pleasant) of working with different brokers, I believe that KG Capital is a good option for those who just come to the exchange. If I started with him, I would spend much less nerves and money until I figured out what was happening. The main plus, of course, is the financial adviser, this advantage cannot be overestimated. Of course, if he is qualified and professional. I suspect that this does not always happen, but I was lucky.

Investing is one of the most popular ways to generate passive income. But perhaps its main and huge disadvantage is that most do not have sufficient funds to start investing and make tangible profits. Therefore, trust management services for some remain closed. The most popular are investment instruments where the initial investment is minimal. In my opinion, many still cannot afford a personal manager.

Passive income is one of the mandatory sources of profit, in my opinion. If you can’t become a renter and there is no demand for intellectual property that provides copyright interest, then you need to transfer funds to trust. I believe that with a successful choice of a broker and a manager, this is the simplest and most profitable investment ... with a sufficient level of risk. but, as you know, who does not take risks, that ... My trust amount provides a yield of about 50%, +/- depending on market volatility.

Trust management for a private investor is the solution of many problems at the same time: 1. maintaining free cash; 2. capital increase 3. delegation of responsibility for risks to a competent professional trader; 4. freeing up the time needed to study, analyze the market and test strategies; 5. obtaining reliable information about the current state of investments from the trader and as a result of independent control over the trading process.